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Pawsitive Results

She selflessly gives a voice, hope, love and refuge to our furry friends. That's Lauren!


Lauren stated, "Sometimes the world has a way of helping you find a passion you didn't know you needed."

When Lauren and Dylan adopted Caesar in 2012 , their lives changed for the better but not before withstanding a few trials first.

Caesar was a young pup awaiting a miracle adoption from a municipal shelter when Lauren saw his photo online and decided to adopt him. With rescue help, he was pulled from the shelter just in time.

 Young Caesar struggled with basic behavior in his new home. A simple move from one environment to another can cause more stress to our family pets than one may realize. It's no wonder that Caesar reacted negatively to the current family dog, had chewing and anxiety issues as well as housetraining problems. Luckily the two were dedicated to his success and found that consistent exercise and force free training over the course of a few months transformed Caesar from an unruly puppy to a well-mannered dog.

Lauren stated, "Adopting Caesar ignited a spark in me, I wanted to do more for animals like him,sitting in shelters."

She first started a page dedicated to cross-sharing animals in shelters across the southeast where she discovered shelters and rescues she never heard of, even ones here in South Carolina.

Lauren was following a dog from a shelter out of state and although a rescue had expressed interest in this dog, the canine was euthanized. Dedicated to her memory, Lauren created a piece of art and sent it to the volunteers who sought change for that shelter.

The artwork was printed on magnets and sold to local businesses and the public for fundraising purposes. Proceeds funded vaccinations for all of the cats and puppies for the following year.

Realizing how much of a difference her talent made, Lauren volunteered as a photographer for a local shelter for close to four years. (where she and I met) During that time, she helped many animals find their forever homes or rescue and brought much needed public support to the shelter. 

Lauren also designed and created the very first Pawsitively Obedient Dog Training logo when we first opened for business.

Lauren continues to use her art for helping homeless animals, either in the form of photography to tell their stories or by creating products for rescues to sell at fundraising events. 

Her art can be found on her website at or in her Etsy shop at

She offers 501(c)3 non-profit organizations discounts on such product, when contacted directly for large quantity orders.

Pictured with Lauren are her loves! from the left as you view the photo, Mack, Dori, up at the top by Lauren's head, Caesar, Krypta and Nyx in the center of the page. 

From all the animals that you have fed, walked, bathed, brushed, cleaned up after, held, played with, cried for, fought for and every other selfless act you have performed out of love,

Thank you, Lauren!



Caesar aka Cae working out some of that energy! He is such a handsome fella and his manners are quite impressive! 

Great Job Lauren and Dylan!

Pawsitive Results prevail again!



Hallow is quite the kitty, Hallow Kitteh, if you will! He is a popular gent with his own Instagram. Look at those gorgeous eyes, no doubt that he has his Mom Lauren wrapped around his furry kitty paws!