Dog training isn't magic! Patience, education and time equals pawsitive results!

It's Doggone good hearing from you!



Howie is a Schnauzer/ Airedale mix aka  Schnairedale. in 2017 we worked with the Walden family and then five year old Howie concerning Howie's constant barking at anyone who came to visit as well as his noise phobias and fear of certain rooms and areas in the home. 

It was a good three to four sessions before Howie even stopped barking at us as we tried to work with him, his fears and building his confidence. Finally Howie started to trust us a bit and would focus enough to listen and learn. His family were awesome in setting up obstacle courses for exercise and stimulation as well as other exercises given to eliminate the triggers that would push him over his threshold.

This is our most recent Howie update:

"I wanted to update you on Howie. He's doing so good! He hardly barks at all at people he recognizes and he's doing much better at settling down and not getting out of control if new people come over. I'm so proud of him! We couldn't have done it without you"

            Krystle W.

           Columbia, SC




Millie is a Dachshund/Spaniel mix, her Mom, Laurin thinks. It makes no difference as little Miss Millie is the apple of her Mom's eye. Speaking of eyes, look at those expressive eyes Millie has, it's a wonder we ever got any training done!

We worked with Millie in April of 2018. She was giving her Mom quite a bit of trouble greeting other dogs when out on walks. When seeing another dog Millie would pull and all that cuteness would become quite loud and unpleasant.

We worked with Laurin and Millie on desensitization exercises and advanced obedience as she had already learned the basics. 

This is our most recent Millie update:

"Just wanted to tell y'all hello! Millie still loves her Kong Wobbler and has been doing so well. I'm so proud of her! Thank you both again for all your help and I hope y'all are doing well!"

Laurin B.

Columbia, SC 



Sable is what her family as well as we believe to be a Brindle German Shepherd Dog which is one of the rarest forms of the GSD (German Shepherd Dog) that belongs to the Black German Shepherd gene series. There is very little information on the Brindle GSD. Perhaps this is because of their patchy origins or that some people even claim Brindle GSD's are completely extinct. Obviously, they aren't!

We worked with Sable and the Cooper family in June of 2018, then she was thirteen weeks old and a smarty britches!. She flew through our basics class quickly and aced every evaluation we presented her with.

This is our most recent Sable update

"Sable says hi! She is getting big and is very smart. She loves to do laps around the yard inside the fence. She is so much fun. Glad business is booming, y'all do a great job." 

Randy C.

Pelion, SC