Dog training isn't magic! Patience, education and time equals pawsitive results!

What Our Clients Are Saying About Us.


Stacey W. Lexington, SC

"Ginger is our "Fairy Dog Mother"!  I saw a difference in our  Lab, Ella, after our very first session with her and Tony. She involved our  whole family in her training sessions with easy to follow techniques. My children loved doing  mini training sessions throughout the week to help Ella "study" for her next class. Ella enjoyed the mental stimulation (and the treats,of course). I never thought  I'd be able to put a treat on my dog's paw and have her leave it there!  Ginger was always available to answer any questions I had during the week between sessions. She taught my family a lot about how to communicate with our furry family member."

Krystle W. Columbia, SC

"Ginger and Tony were wonderful working with Howie on his barking issues. Ginger was able to tell that a lot of Howie's issues stemmed from fear and a lack of confidence, and she and Tony helped us with obedience training and tricks to do with him that have had a huge impact on his confidence levels. I would highly recommend them."

Susie S. Columbia, SC

"We can't sing Ginger's praises enough! We adopted two dogs that had behavioral issues on opposite ends of line. She was amazing with addressing each of their unique issues and giving us suggestions on techniques to try. She was always available for our questions and concerns. She possesses strong love for animals and a connection to the ways their minds function. She became a good friend not only for our dogs but for the owners. Her kindness always went that extra mile ! Highly recommend her !!"

Colleen C. Columbia, SC

"I have been very pleased with the results of Pawsitively Obedient Our dog, Bear is very hyper. Working with Ginger and Tony, Bear has become a different dog. We completed basic and we are now going to start advance. I can't wait to see the changes in Bear.
I highly recommend Pawsitively Obedient, it is wonderful to have a dog that obeys."

Ashley H. Lexington, SC

"Ginger and Tony have been wonderful. My Dolly was out of control and disobedient. Thanks to the training and skills from Pawsitively Obedient our little Dolly is now house broke, listens to us, and is a new girl. The best thing is that now our puppy is more like a part of our family. Thank you Ginger and Tony for your help and expertise!!"


Valerie C. Chapin, SC

"Ginger & Tony are the best! My fur baby Shadow graduated today! Can not thank them enough for helping me & their love for what they do is incredible... Look no further I highly recommend them" 

Robin H. West Columbia, SC

"I had the privilege of meeting Ginger & Tony 3 months ago... my daughter rescued a lab puppy & wanted to train him to track deer.... after only a few short sessions Duke was doing AMAZING! They took time to work w not only Duke but my daughter. I would rate Pawsitively Obedient 5 stars!!!!!"

Michael S. Columbia, SC

"Ginger and Tony are AWESOME!!! Ginger came and met with my wife and I and explained how Pawsitively Obedient was different from some of the other trainers out there and how they believed in POSITIVE reinforcement vs negative. My 10 month old German Shepherd, Luke, is a MUCH more obedient dog than he was before his training began. He is sitting, laying down, staying, coming, leaving things alone, fetching, not puppy biting as much, very well behaved in public social areas. Ginger worked with not just me and Luke, but she worked with both me and my wife to make sure we both were comfortable with the training. I have even recommended her to some of my friends already. She's GREAT!!! Thank you Ginger and Tony, Luke is a MUCH better dog, thank you again." 

Robyn O. Blythewood, SC

"Who said you can't teach an old dog new tricks?? Obviously Ginger never heard this! Her gentle approach has won over our 6 year old Great Dane. He LOVES showing off his training to anyone who is interested. We asked Ginger for help with our 2 dogs due to their constant harassment of the chickens and cats. Ginger's approach to this obstacle has bern amazing. Not only do I have well mannered pets, I have a life long friend in Ginger! There is no problem to big for her! Very professional and thorough!"

Lauren W. Blythewood, SC

"Within moments of meeting Ginger, you know how passionate she is about training, and you can easily see how much she loves doggies! Not only is she one of the nicest people you could ever have the joy of befriending, but also a valuable asset when you have an unruly dog who needs to work on manners, or a new puppy who needs to start with the basics. Her "pawsitive" techniques are what turns the training into a bonding experience for dog and human. I highly recommend Ginger if you are looking for help with dog and puppy training!"

Lily C. Columbia, SC

"Within the first 5 mins,  our puppy took to Ginger as if he had known her for years. We could see the trust he had for her and immediately showed an instant obedience to her commands. It was amazing. Ginger takes her time getting to know ur fur babies, so she knows the personality she is dealing with. Something I find extremely important. She doesn't rush ur dog so ur dog doesn't get agitated or nervous. She paces the training to the speed ur dog can do & increases when ur dog tells her she's ready. We could tell the passion Ginger has for not only training ur dog but loving them too. She has 10 stars from us!... Also, Ginger LOVES to give ur fur babies JACKPOTS (extra snacks) when they have mastered a command because she's so proud of them! Our puppy LOVED it! You will be so happy w/Ginger as much as ur fur babies will!"


Emily W. Lexington SC

"Ginger and Tony have been a blessing to our family! They have given us confidence as owners to be able to teach our two dogs and as a result our dogs are so much happier and well behaved! We can't wait to start the advanced classes! Thanks for everything!"

Barbara A. West Columbia, SC

"My little rescue, Harley loves Ginger and Tony.  They have a way with him that built instant confidence.  He's so smart he quickly learns all their commands.  I must say also they have been a great help with me and all the questions I have.  Simply put: they love animals and it shows!!!  Highly recommend them!!"

Jennifer T. Lugoff, SC

"Ginger and Tony are amazing people and absolutely wonderful with animals. My Tank is a big huge hyper, Great Dane puppy (still is!) and they have taught me, and him, how to get him under control. I can’t name all of the amazing strides and progress they have made with Tank. Before we met them, we were literally at odds of what to do with him and how to handle the situation. Now, we know how to take control and continue working with him, which makes everyone happy! They truly care and it shows! I would recommend them to anyone and everyone that asks!"

Wayne H. Gaston, SC

"My boy Baxter graduated basic obedient training today! Only one word comes to mind... WOW!! I would DEFINITELY recommend Pawsitively Obedient Dog Training to everyone that has a puppy or even a grown dog! Ginger and Tony are absolutely wonderful people and remarkable trainer's... I've had lots of dogs growing up, and never thought about any kind of training until I got my Baxter 10 months ago! He started learning the very first day they came to my house for consultation... The bond between Baxter and I has even grown a lot stronger, and I will say that it is an awesome feeling! I could go on and on about this, but I will stop here! Amazing and WELL worth it..."

Robert B. Lexington, SC

"We just completed the Basic Obedience Training class and Ginger and Tony are AWESOME!!!!!  Extremely helpful and supportive.  We had some life challenges come up a few times over the six weeks and they were extremely accommodating when we had to skip a week.  Our babies learned a lot and we learned a lot about them and how to better interact with them.  If your family (it's not just the dog) needs some training I HIGHLY recommend Pawsitively Obedient.  We are already scheduling the next class.

Thank you Ginger and Tony for all your help and support".